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What is Age of Avalyss? AoA will be the evolution of Avaricia. It will be a browser-based RPG game with a dress-up element that will tie directly into the world Avaricia was originally based upon. Avalyss is Avaricia fully realized.

Why the change? After much planning, deliberation, talks and discussions, we have decided that Avaricia cannot continue on in its current state. We've had our share of ups and there are better ways to invest our time. Avaricia has ultimately strayed a bit too far from the final version of the story. Beyond that, outdated art and workflow styles make it hard for us to grow and continue to create content. We've decided that our best move is to start fresh.

What will happen to Avaricia and my account? Once Avalyss is ready to be accessed by the public, Avaricia will close its doors for good. Inventories will not be transferring over, however you will be rewarded for your post count, account age and you will regain all of your currencies, including Trinkets (Trinkets must be claimed within a generous but limited time-frame, with exception to large legacy donators who will be able to redeem their trinkets later if they decide to return.) You will get a special item pack that includes various Avaricia items. Alpha and Beta testers from Avaricia will receive additional bundles. We will leave Avaricia in a read-only state, so that you can always go back and access your old hangouts, RP threads and more.

We currently have a thread to discuss what items you would like to see returning to the site. If there is something you love dearly and want to see again, please comment in this thread. Again, this is not going to be a full conversion project, we will be selecting the best of the best items created on this site and re-imagine them for a new beginning.

What about the conversion project and new site features? We have about 20 items left to convert. The site design is nearly complete and is slated to come online within the following weeks of making this announcement. We fully intend to deliver upon these promises for you.

When will Avalyss Open? My goal is to have Avalyss open to Alpha Testing sometime in the spring, while being fully open in the summer of 2019.

What features will Avalyss have? Avalyss will be a large step above what we are currently experiencing with Avaricia. However, we are relying strictly upon expanding some of our existing features to give the site a more game-play element at the start. We will need to run a Kickstarter campaign to fund a fully-fledged quest, battle and world exploration system as well as a method to tie in the story in a visual novel format. However there will be plans to have a feel of some of these features at the start. Full development of these features may take an additional 1-2 years, but we need to have a site open to the public to gain traction and excitement for the Kickstarter.

How can I be an Alpha or Beta Tester? I sent out PMs personally to many members, but I may have missed some. If you received a PM from me, you have been invited. However, you must respond to the PM or contact me prior to November 30th to be included. Otherwise, you will need to be online, post and visit the site. You may get an invitation token that you can use to join testing early.

As I see people online that I did not contact, I will send them a PM to invite them to Alpha testing.

Otherwse, you will be free to join when the site opens fully to the public but you will not get the added bonuses of doing Alpha or Beta with us. You will only get the item pack and account headstarts given to all previous Avaricia members. Alpha testers will get the most items, followed by Beta. Some of these items will be exclusive. Beyond that, your post count with translate into benefits on the new site. So why not make an effort to make a few posts now?

What do the new bases look like? We are going for a smooth shaded non-pixel base with three body types (male, female, and androgynous) and two or perhaps three poses. You can view the entire progress on the bases in this thread.


Hey! Don't forget to join Avalyss Alpha testing! Even if you can't commit much time, that's fine! We need all playing styles!

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